Connecting the dots

  • Remote metering and intelligence for energy data

    We have 13 years of experience developing software and services focused on the electricity sector, working towards more intelligent energy networks. Learn more about our innovation DNA.

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  • For Consumers

    There are many options for reducing energy costs. With a software and data intelligence you get the most out of each of them.

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  • For Distributers

    We offer complete solutions for the Metering Operation Center and intelligent applications to increase efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance.

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  • For Generators

    Software for energy remote metering, wind measurement and hydroelectric stations. Ensure regulatory compliance with wholesale market and regulatory agencies.

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  • Metering as a service

    We offer metering as a service, with our highly specialized team operating from the Way2 Metering Operation Center.

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Solution for the integrated management of metering for border and operational locations (distribution substations). Performs telemetering in real time, automatic data validation, and data presentation for the entire company, including integration with network automation. Even offers tools for transformer load monitoring and Energy Balancing.

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