CEMAR is a distributor of electrical energy for the entire state of Maranhão, Brasil. The utility serves 217 municipalities and on just the island of São Luís, where the headquarters of the company is located, it serves about of 2 million residents. The company has turned itself into a model of financial management and an example of how consistent investments can improve client services and utility operations.

Serving areas with high concentration of clients as well as regions sparsely populated, at times difficult to access and with diverse socioeconomical situations, CEMAR has many challenges in the operation and management of distribution network assets. For this reason, operational efficiency is one of their principal main of investment.

When the regulating agency of the energy sector in Brasil set the requirement of using energy meters with data recording on the power lines feeding distribution substations, starting in the beginning of 2012, CEMAR had already stepped out in front and was in conformance with the new regulation. The company then decided to evolve their application of data collection by acquiring a system to autonomize the telemetry, data consolidation, and various other processes of management and analysis.

After a process of evaluating the available solutions, Way2 was hired to implant their Integrated Metering Plataform and to develop innovative features for the management of substation metering assets.

  • Remote management of real time metering: feature for georeferenced monitoring of meter status;
  • Specific tools for monitoring the load of transformers;
  • Feeder Energy Balance, showing loss totals, both technical and commercial;