Eletronuclear is a subsidiary of Eletrobras and was established in 1997 with the purpose of building and operating nuclear power plants in Brazil. Through its two operating plants located in Angra dos Reis – RJ, the company is currently responsible for generate approximately 3% of all the electricity consumed in Brazil.

Because of its importance, it has become even more relevant to manage the data generation and consumption originated from Electronuclear’s wholesale energy metering systems. Those systems have to meet the requirements of the Electricity Trading Chamber (CCEE) and the National System Operator – ONS, for the purposes of auditing energy generated.

Due to the need to manage wholesale energy metering of their plants and also to carry out constant monitoring of data generation and consumption, the adoption of a telemetry system was the solution chosen by the Eletronuclear technical team. To turn this into a reality, the system had to be fully tested and able to interact with Nexus 1500 meters. Way2 is a pioneer and leader in this market segment; our platform is unique and able to read all energy quantities of all meters approved by CCEE, in a flexible and fully transparent way.

The Integrated Metering Platform, adopted using a SaaS – Software as a Service – model, combined with Way2’s control and operation team, guarantees Eletronuclear’s tranquility in commercial operations by meeting all requirements of the Electricity Trading Chamber (CCEE), in terms of availability and consistency of metering data.

In addition, Way2’s plataform substantially improved the technical resources for the operation of Eletronuclear’s power plants, providing a 100% web interface for viewing real-time graphics, alarm management, and exporting reports.