The latest technologies applied to energy management.

We create and use technologies aligned to the latest global trends . Discover the basis of our solutions.

Internet of Things – IoT

We have a team dedicated to the integration of the most diverse kinds of equipment, in all areas where energy is important: distribution, consumption, street lighting, distributed generation, and energy sources like wind, water, and gas.

Big Data

We use the top technologies to manipulate the large volume of data generated by equipment, combined with many other sources like corporate systems and user input.


We develop analysis tools that allow us to better understand energy flow, identify losses and potential savings, as well as maximize the use of generation and energy network assets.

Business Process Automation

We develop our solutions focusing on guiding business processes, which ensures that investments in new technologies and systems are converted into operational efficiency.

Cloud Computing

We offer our solutions as a service by hosting the platform in the cloud and outsourcing system operation. We rely on teams specialized in infrastructure management and system operation.