The multiple needs of your service area in one single center of metering operation.

Get to know the software tools that enable the increase of remote metering performance without complicating management processes.

Intelligent applications for processes and business

Guide your business processes and optimize your company´s operation with the latest data science technologie

  • Wholesale Market Metering Compliance
  • Power Quality
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Flow and load management

Wholesale Market Metering Compliance

Complete metering solution to meet the metering requirements of wholesale electricity markets. Also supports the planning of grid operation and energy acquisition with tools for modeling and automatic composing of load.

  • Wide range of meters and protocols supported
  • Tools for integrating with market operators
  • Automatic validation of meter data
  • Modeling and online composition of complex loads
  • Reports for commercialization and integration with grid and market operators

Power Quality

Constantly monitor the main indicators of power quality delivered to clients. This application allows the operators to comply with the regulatory limits and identify quality problems in a proactive way.

  • Periodic measurements and events (Sag/Swell/Interruptions)
  • Real time monitoring
  • Statistical reports
  • Monitoring alerts for internal and regulatory limits
  • Transmission of information to regulatory agencies

Revenue Assurance

With integrated modules for the treatment of metering events and energy balance – from the distributor to the consumer – the solution not only allows the identification of irregularities in the field, but also coordinates the efforts to recover revenue, directing technological or inspection investments to maximize return.

  • Energy Balance tools for all voltage levels (AT, MT, and BT)
  • Support for hybrid scenarios, with metering data combined with estimates
  • Metering for consumers and transformers, with treatment of field alarms
  • Creation of indicators and dashboards for irregularities
  • Correlation of events and integrated information with flexible rules
  • Automation of the recuperation process

Flow and load management

Critical treatment of metering information from transformers at multiple levels, from the substation to the distribution network. It is possible to monitor the load of assets, not only for operation of the network, but also for planning its evolution and preventive maintenance of equipment

  • Online and geo-referenced monitoring of assets
  • Bidirectional integration with automation systems
  • Methodology for meter estimation of feeders
  • Modeling of aggregate load and complex balance
  • Reports on the evolution of transformer load
  • Alerts and tools for the proactive management of expansion