Focusing on energy generation, with reliable metering and automation of operational processes.

Software tools to facilitate the daily management of metering and to optimize the operational processes of the generator.

  • Energy Metering
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Wind Measurement
  • Hydroelectric Metering

Energy Metering

Multiprotocol software for metering with diverse tools to support operations, monitor communication, and manage energy data.

  • Option of Real Time metering
  • Alerts for data consistency and generation events
  • Support for a wide range of meters
  • Diverse means of communication (Satellite, fiber, GPRS, etc)
  • Reports for comparing actual with planned generation

Regulatory compliance

Complete solution to satisfy the requirements established by the regulatory agency, which mitigate risks and penalties through proactive management tools. It automatizes the process of data treatment and safe publication, for both energy trading departments and plant operators.

  • Wide range of meters and protocols supported
  • Tools for integrating with market operators
  • Automatic validation of meter data
  • Outsourcing option that includes operational services

Wind Measurement

Software solution for remote metering of wind measurement towers (METs) equally during both the project development phase and the wind power plant operation phase, satisfying the requirements of regulatory agency and market operators. It automates the data collection process and verifies the primary consistency of data, increasing reliability and minimizing the risks of penalties.

  • Integration with the leading Data Loggers in the market
  • Automatic validation of data consistency
  • Web interface reports integrated with energy metering
  • Generation of reports according to EPE formats and transmission of data to AMA
  • Outsourcing option that includes operational services

Hydroelectric Metering

The hydroelectric metering system performs the remote metering of rainfall and water level data, monitors communication channels and assures information consistency for internal use and for sending to regulators.

  • Integration with the leading Data Loggers in the Market
  • Automatic calculation of flow rate using the rating curve concept
  • Web interface to visualize and create graphics and reports
  • Transmission of data to regulatory agency
  • Consolidation of information for generating quarterly reports and annual consolidated metering campaign reports